AICC: Do you want to attract and keep willing and capable employees?

AICC is offering its course “Management by the Numbers” Tuesday, May 8-Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at SMC Packaging in Springfield, MO.   Who should attend?  CEO’s, CFO’s, Senior Managers and Production Managers.  This course will position you to excel in the marketplace!


In this course we observe two companies that practice Open Book Management. Jack Stack wrote the book The Great Game of Business to share the lessons learned in teaching workers to understand the rules of the game, simplify score keeping, reward winning outcomes, and continuously improve. We will tour one of Jack’s plants and experience a weekly huddle of all employees as they report the wins and losses in each department. We also study the host plant SMC, an employee owned company where buy in is strong and turnover is low. The Ausburn and Bachus families have taken open book concepts to a new level in the packaging industry.


  • Increase ownership behavior
  • Attract and keep willing and capable employees
  • Improve faster


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