AICC: Celebrating Outstanding Design in Corrugated Packaging

The annual AICC Student Packaging Design Competition concluded with resounding success, highlighting the exceptional talent and creativity of students in the field of corrugated packaging design. 

The competition, organized by AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, celebrates achievements in two distinct categories, shedding light on the future of the corrugated packaging industry.

This year’s competition was marked by a wide range of solutions created by student participants demonstrating their prowess in structural design and graphic aesthetics. The event offers AICC members and packaging professionals a glimpse into the designs that will shape the industry’s landscape in the years to come.

Participants were tasked with creating a “Hardware Shipper Box” that could safely transport assorted items, including traditional light bulbs, a hammer, and a box of nails, all while enduring the rigors of courier delivery. 

Competition winners will be recognized during the AICC Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY, September 18-20. 

The winners of the Structural Challenge category demonstrated exceptional ingenuity and expertise in creating robust packaging solutions.

Structural Challenge Winners:

  • First Place: Dunwoody College of Technology’s team “DIYAY” consisting of Xinh Beardmore, Cory Richard Williams, and Kristin Benusa.
  • Second Place: Millersville University’s “Ville Hardware” team comprised of Kaylena Travitz and Ben Troyano.
  • Third Place (tie): Clemson University’s “Penguin Hardware” team with members Marc Alvarado, Lindsey Diehl, Thomas Feaster, and Emory DeLoach.
  • Third Place (tie): Appalachian State University’s “Ryllex Hardware Shipping Box” team featuring Rylee Woods and Lex Smith.

The Graphic Design category showcased the fusion of artistic vision and packaging functionality, resulting in visually captivating packaging solutions that left a lasting impact.

Graphic Design Winners:

  • First Place: University of Texas Arlington’s “Tuff Hardware” team, consisting of Edwin Barrera, Oliver Harris, Kit Corney, and Cassidy Victor.
  • Second Place: Cal Poly’s “Handybox” team represented by Tori Nardoni, Kate Perry, and Francisca Soherman.
  • Third Place: Cal Poly’s “Light Work” team comprising Olivia Cooper, Malia McCaig, Zoe Woomer, and Ashley Ho.

AICC President Mike D’Angelo said, “We had several schools and teams from around the country respond to this year’s challenge. The winners will join us at the AICC Fall Meeting and make connections with independent converters, who can bring them on board their teams in the future.”

Participation in the AICC Student Packaging Design Competition offers students a unique platform to interact with industry professionals, display their talents, and envision the future of packaging. The competition not only celebrates the winners’ achievements but also highlights the commitment of AICC to fostering the development of emerging talents within the packaging and display industry.

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Details about the upcoming 2024 competition will be announced soon. For inquiries, please contact Laura Mihalick, Senior Meeting Manager, at or 703.836.2422.