Acme Corrugated Box Co., Inc. Announces Multimillion-Dollar Expansion of Hatboro, PA Facility

Acme Corrugated Box Co., Inc., one of the leading independent corrugated box manufacturers in the United States, has broken ground on a large expansion of their existing 250,000 square foot facility in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.

The multimillion-dollar expansion includes an additional 80,000 square feet of manufacturing space that will allow for a 50% increase in manufacturing capacity. The expansion will provide room for a new high-speed 110” corrugator, a WIP system unique to the United States and the total automation of sheet transfer to converting machine centers.  

“This expansion demonstrates our commitment to our overall growth and enhanced sophistication of the company.  It will allow us to increase manufacturing capacity, further embrace innovation of new products and flute profiles, and have a greater ability to serve our clients”, said Bob Cohen, President of Acme Corrugated Box Co., Inc.

The new space will also allow for 50% more roll stock inventory area, as well as new, state of the art, training facilities, to support Acme’s growing operations.  The next phase of the expansion will bring on additional converting equipment.

“With the expansion, we are able to maintain our independent structure in a highly consolidated industry.”  Cohen said, “This commitment to growth allows us to provide new job opportunities for our employees and our community, and to continue to be a main supplier of corrugated products in the region.”

Construction on the expansion will continue throughout 2021, with completion expected sometime in the 1st quarter of 2022.

About Acme Corrugated Box Co., Inc.

Acme Corrugated Box Co., Inc. is a 103-year-old, independent, three-generation family-run business located in Hatboro, Pennsylvania. By working to understand and solve customer packaging challenges, Acme has developed innovative solutions and become an integral part of the supply chain in the United States Mid-Atlantic Region. Acme takes pride in delivering quality products on-time, reducing inventory costs, and providing innovative alternatives to help meet sustainability objectives.